Monday, March 5, 2012

FTW Results 3-3-12

"The BOSS " Billy Russ opened the show and announced that Juduz had been suspended for his attack on "Superman" Jason Reed after the show last week while Billy was explaining how long Juduz would be gone for. N.R.G's music hit, Jason "The Brain"  got the mic from Billy and told the fans that the stars of the show were here. Jason had told everyone last week that N.R.G would take all the belts back, WHICH, they did take all but one{The Diva's title}. Jason demanded Billy to award N.R.G the world title, but Billy stated, The Tennessee Athletic Commission  has awarded the World  HeavyWeight Title back to Sarge O'Riley.Which did not sit well with N.R.G. Billy then handed Sarge with his World HeavyWeight Title.

First Match,
Was a Last Chance Match between,
 The Kid & Loose Cannon W/ Jason The Brain.
 Loose Cannon dominated this match to the very end, until The Kid delivered a Jaw Breaker. Knocking Cannon's false teeth out of his mouth, on to the mat. The Brain and Cannon both offended by this tried to Double Team The Kid, but The Kid out smarted the two and ran Cannon into The Brain, shoving The Brain off the apron and The Kid School Boyed Cannon for the 123..

Second Match,
Was a Tag Match Between,
 Houston & his brother Dallas VS Rockin Randy & Erik Hayes.
 Before the match the began, Ricky Hayes ( known as 1/2 of the Tag Team, THE DAZZLERS, and as Erik Hayes Father) came out to support his son Erik. This was a good match to see. The Brothers delivered a series of good moves to Hayes & Randy, Which led them to a victory. Hayes being a poor sport, attacked the Brothers, until Ricky Hayes ( Eriks father) interrupted the beatdown, turning the attack on himself. Then out of nowhere, Sarge O'Riley made the save, setting up a match, between Sarge and Erik, for next week.

Third Match,
Was a Triple Threat Match between,
 Mark Justice, Henry Leo The 3rd, & Jay Blaze
 This match began with Jason The Brain on the mic introducing N.R.G's newest recruit, from London, England, Henry Leo The 3rd.
The bell was rung and immediately Blaze and Leo started to Double Team Justice. Through out the match Justice took a series of big moves from his opponent, including the HIS own finisher The Hard Justice. But Justice was not going to be takin out by his OWN finisher. After each pin Justice would kick out, each time getting closer to the 3rd count. Jason The Brain wasnt happy with this, So he and Leon, the announcer, made a plan. The Brain distracted the Ref Ron, While Leon passed Blaze a Kendo Stick and struck Justice over the cranium and quickly tossed it out of the ring, grabbed the Ref and pinned Justice for the 123, but still not giving up,Justice kicked out, This time Upsetting all of N.R.G.. N.R.G rushed the ring ,as The Brain distracted Ron once again , and attacked Mark Justice until they felt they had finished him off and Jay finally got the Victory.

Fourth Match,
Was an Open Challenge Tag Match Set up By Jason The Brain,
N.R.G'S , Americas Most Hated,
 T.J O'Riley & Ricky Andrews ,The Challenge was answered by The Red's, Big Red & Cordale 'LiL' Red.
The match went back and forth from begging to end. But The Tag Team that had been together the longest, beat the Father/Son Duo with the Drop of Hatred.

Fifth Match,
Was a Diva's Tack Match between,
 FTW's DIVAS CHAMIPON. Lil Bit VS  The Billion Dollar Baby, W/ Jason The Brain.
These two Diva's have no problem getting down to business and go head to head in ANY type of match.
This match was full of excitement from beginning to the end, with holds and reversals through out with no wrestler getting a clear advantage. Near the end LiL BiT was pulled down from the ladder by "The Brain", This gave B$B the chance to get up the ladder and grab the bag of 1,000 thumbtacks, Baby poured  them in the ring and set up the Champ for a superplex, LiL BiT fought Baby's try's at  putting her through the tacks and ended up pushing B$B off the top rope into "The Brain's" arms, then delivered a drop kick sending The Brain into the tacks leaving B$B untouched by the tacks and mad about her failed plans. B$B then charged at LiL BiT, once again her plan failed as LiL BiT caught Baby in mid air and slammed her into the tacks with a SpineBuster and ended with the 123.

Sixth and Final Match,
Was a Fatal Four Way for the Xtreme Title between,
The Champion Mr.Everything Anton Leveigh W/ Jason The Brain VS The Swag Boys VS
 The Return Of Brandon Barbwire.
This match was out of hand from the start. All the participants were pretty much flying everywhere.
When all the smoke cleared, Biscuit and Barbwire, were the last 2 standing. Biscuit laid out Barbwire and went to the top for a Frog Splash. While in Mid-Air, out of nowhere, Anton nailed Biscuit with a AKO, and got the Win.
After the match NRG attacked the Swag Boys until "The Boss" Billy Russ came out and ordered NRG to leave the ring or they would all be suspended. The only one that was disobedient was The Brain. Billy then suspended Jason for 3 weeks.  NRG was completely caught off guard but this suspension,  but fear of being suspended themselves, they decided to keep their composure and leave the arena, leaving Barbwire and the Swag Boys in the ring completely confused as to what just happened.