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FTW Results from 01-21-12

FTW Results from 01-21-12

Big night of action started off with N.R.G coming to the ring sporting there brand new N.R.G shirts. There was one less member of the group, "Superman" Jason Reed whom failed to show up. This did not sit well with "Mr. Everything" Anton Leveigh. Anton said he was sick and tired of Jason making N.R.G look bad. The Brain took the mic from there and told the people how disgusted he was at Mad Money Mike and Mark Justice for there actions towards Lollipop and himself last week. About that time, Mad Money Mike's music hit and he came out to a wild reaction. Mike said he wasn't done making N.R.G disgusted and Mark & Sarge were gonna send The Brain's Arkansas boy back home crying. As N.R.G enjoyed a good laugh The Brain left by telling Mike that he had a huge surprise for him tonight in the Main Event.

1st match saw TJ O'Riley with Lollipop & Jason"The Brain" to go one on one with Erik Hayes
The match was back and forth with great offence from both men. In the end TJ hit a pedigree and The Brain held TJ's feet on the ropes to help O'Riley get the win.
Winner: TJ O'Riley

2nd Match contested The Kid vs The 4 time Arkansas Olympic heavyweight gold medalist, Loose Cannon with Jason "The Brain"
Cannon used his size and strength to dominate The Kid, until Cannon got a little over confident. Kid hit a few lightning quick kicks that took Cannon down. Kid ran up to the top, but missed a cross body that may have given him the victory if connected .Cannon took advantage of Kids's mistake and hit a spinebuster that almost drove Kid under the ring as the newly crowned Mr. Olympia picked up the win.
Winner: Loose Cannon

The 3rd Contest was a Grudge match as Kyatia took on "Mr.Everything" Anton Leveigh/Lollipop &Jason "The Brain"
Before the match began, Big Dave informed NRG that any member can defend ANY title in ANY match. Therefore a Heavyweight Title Match took place.
The match started off at a fast pace from start to finish. Anton hit a big RKO/Cutter and pinned the big man, but Kyatia kicked out. This put The Brain into disbelief as he sent Lollipop over to get the referee's attention. The Brain tossed a chair to Anton which he almost decapitated the masked man as the ref turned around. Anton made the cover and got the win. After the bell, Anton put the boots to Kyatia until The Swag Boyz made the save.
Winner: Anton Leveigh

4th Contest featured Joe Bourne vs OZ with his horse Ding-a-Ling
OZ has been playing mind games with Joe for weeks and they continued tonight. During the match, OZ laid a big wet one right on his cowboy crush. This act brought Bourne to a whole other level of PISSED off. Joe was just about to finish OZ off when the sneaky bi-curious warrior shoved Bourne into the referee. As Joe checked on the ref, Oz picked up his Ding-a-Ling and nailed Bourne in the throat. Oz quickly covered The Cowboy and got the win.
Winner: OZ

Match 5 was a Dream tag match as The Swag Boyz took on Chris Rocker & Derrick King.
The most improved tag team of 2011, The Swag Boyz, was in for a real challenge with these two ring veterans. As Chris and Derrick's Music played, the crowd at FTW erupted. Chants for Derrick rang through the arena until DK grabbed the mic and totally downed the people at FTW, who were just screaming for him. This did not sit to well with Biscuit and Weezy as they started taking it to the vets.The match was everything that we thought it would be with these four. AWESOME! At one point, Biscuit leaped to the rafters to do a leg drop, but was caught by a spear courtesy of Chris Rocker. In the end, DK nailed Weezy with a superkick. NEAR FALL! as Weezy got his shoulder up at the last second. As DK got up and jumped in the refs face, Weezy made it to his feet and rolled Derrick up for the big victory. After the match, DK & Rocker called young Referee, Cordale in the ring. DK asked if he knew who he was? Cordale then responded, "I don't care who you are!!" Before another word was said, DK nailed Cordale with the mic and Rocker started beating the ref down. The crowd was about to become a riot zone as some of the fans jumped the rail and tried to get to the wrestlers. All of a sudden, Big Red hit the ring to stop the two. Rocker got the mic and said it was a matter of respect and the ref needed to learn it. Rocker grabbed Cordale as DK went for a superkick as Red grabbed him and lifted him for a chokeslam. Rocker then hit Red and started beating him down untill the Swag Boyz , Erik Hayes, The Kid and several others ran the two super villains off.
Wiinners: The Swag Boyz

Match 6 was a rematch from last week for the I.I.H.C Heavyweight title.
Houston(C) vs The Xtreme Ricky Andrews/Lollipop & Jason"The Brain"
Before the match even started, Houston called out someone to be in his corner and out came The 2011 Women's Wrestler of the year, LiL BiT. The match started hot and heavy with reversals after reversals; moves after moves. As soon as you think Houston had the advantage, Ricky turned the tide. As soon as Ricky had the advantage, Houston turned the tide back his way. Ricky shot Houston into the ropes and both men clotheslined each other down to the mat. As the referee checked on Houston, "The Brain" tossed a chain to Ricky. Both men made it back to their feet. The Xtreme one blasted Houston with the chain and made the cover but some how the champ kicked out. Ricky was in disbelief! He went to the top rope to finish Houston off and take the title back to N.R.G. As Ricky leaped off, Houston caught the challenger with a bicycle kick for the big win. After the match, N.R.G hit the ring and took it to the champion. They ripped his shirt off and spray painted N.R.G across his back. Joe Bourne came to his friends aid and cleared the ring.
Winner: The I.I.H.C Champion, Houston

The Main Event had Sarge O'Riley & Mark Justice/Mad Money Mike to take on The Natural Born Killers (Morgan Williams & Big Al) With Jason"The Brain" who came out in full boxing gear.
The match began with a fitness challenge between Morgan and Mark where in the end mark was the winner. The NBK used fast tags and not tagging at all to keep the advantage for most of the match. On the outside, MMM and "The Brain" were talking trash back and forth. Near the end, Sarge and Al went to battling on the floor as "The Brain" tossed the Arkansas State Tag Title Belt to Morgan. As the ref was distracted by the men on the floor, he clobbered Justice but only could get a two count. Mad Money Mike slid in the ring and dropkicked Mr .Muscles clear out of the ring. As Mike checked on Mark, Jason sneaked up from behind to knock MMM out. Mike ducked and "The Brain" bashed Mark Justice with a Money Mayweather Right hook!! After that, Jason slid to the floor to tell Big Dave "See what happens when you mess with N.R.G!!" Dave pulled the glove from "The Brain" and rocks went everywhere. Big Dave yelled it was loaded as Jason retreated to the back with The Natural Born Killers.


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